Avenue Center: Growing Avenue’s Community Investment Programs

Sustainability Project

Avenue Center is focused on sustainability - in our community, in creating economic opportunity, and in safeguarding the environment.

The new community hub will include a 30 kilowatt rooftop solar array and parking canopy with a 5.2 kilowatt array. The rooftop alone will remove more than 30,000 lbs or carbon dioxide per year from the environment - the equivalent of planting 600 trees! The full collection of solar panels is anticipated to save Avenue approximately 10% on electricity, which means there is less dollars spent on overhead and more to serve the community of greater Northside.

To promote clean transportation, Avenue will use an electric vehicle for tours and internal use. Avenue Center will provide solar powered electric vehicle charging stations under the parking canopy. The Center is located on the light rail, with bike racks on site to encourage employees and visitors to commute by bicycle, resulting in fuel savings and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

These green and sustainable upgrades are made possible through a generous grant from the Green Mountain Energy Sun Club.


The Green Mountain Energy Sun Club is a nonprofit organization advancing sustainability for people and our planet by investing in communities in Texas and the Northeast. Since the program’s founding in 2002, the Sun Club has donated nearly $7 million to over 110 nonprofit organizations. As a 501 (c)(3) organization, the Sun Club focuses on projects related to renewable energy, energy efficiency, and resource conservation. Contributions to the Sun Club come from Green Mountain Energy’s residential

Renewable Energy

30 KW Rooftop Solar Array

5.2 KW Parking Canopy

Clean Transportation

Bike Racks to Enable and Encourage Bicycle Commuting

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle for Employee Use to Promote an Active Commute