Yes Prep Northside announces ‘Eyes of the Northside’ mural

The Leader, June 30, 2017                                                                                 

Houston has, in my opinion, become a great place to tour murals. This week, I got notification of one more to join the ranks and it’s just the latest community art initiative in the Northside community.

To help cultivate hope, inspire younger generations and create a safer home for all in the Northside community, students from Yes Prep Northside have come together to create a new public art piece, the “Eyes of the Northside.”

“This mural is just one example of how young people can help create lasting, positive change in the Northside community,” said Jenifer Wagley, deputy director of Avenue. “We are thrilled to partner with Yes Prep Northside and the Texan-French Alliance for the Arts to create this beautiful public art piece that embodies the Northside’s vibrant spirit, and hope that it will serve as an inspiration for all looking to create a safer, more prosperous community.”

Avenue, which has served as a convening agency in the Northside since 2002, donated the fence at its Homeownership Center for the mural’s installation. The project, supported by LISC Houston, is a collaborative effort between GO Neighborhoods and the “From a Space to a Place” initiative, a youth mentoring program from the Texan-French Alliance for the Arts that uses a creative, hands-on approach to ensure a holistic and educationally diverse experience for students.

 Best part about murals is, except for the elements and landlords, they tend to stick around awhile. The mural is located on a fence next to the Avenue Homeownership Center at 707 Quitman. By the intersection of Quitman and Freeman Streets, just off North Main St.

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