A Farewell to the Rubinger Fellows Class of 2017-2018

LISC, November 15, 2018

Our ten inaugural Rubinger Fellows have come to the end of their fellowship year, and our hats are off to them! They have spent the past twelve months carrying out innovations that grapple with everything from how to promote economic development and financial literacy in immigrant communities in the Bronx to scaling arts programming for at-risk youth in the Midwest to using tiny houses as an affordable housing strategy in Montana. Along the way, they have investigated and propelled their personal development as leaders, and garnered insights and solidarity from their colleagues in the fellowship.

As Jenifer Wagley of Avenue CDC in Houston put it, "the year was like a pilgrimage. It helped me deepen my focus and my vision of what this work can be. And it allowed me to see that we can continue to dig deeper and create things that help people make their worlds better."

In addition to the manuscripts, playbooks, poems, sermons and other creations the fellows produced to cap the year, they shared some reflections on their highlights and lessons learned as Rubinger Fellows. Watch the videos below to hear what they had to say.

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