Sign Up for Volunteer Shifts with Avenue

After you have read the waivers below, explore the volunteer opportunities via calendar or list to sign up for a shift.

Avenue Volunteer Waivers
I authorize Avenue, or any person authorized by Avenue, to use photographs, videos, or recordings created during volunteer events in accordance with furthering Avenue’s mission and impact in the community.
There are inherent risks involved in Home Repair work. Avenue makes efforts to mitigate these risks by providing proper work equipment/tools, appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), and instructions. Some risks might include (but not limited to): exposure to potentially toxic environmental conditions, risks of injury involving tools, and risks of slips/falls. Avenue does provide a safety checklist and will have a crew leader at each site. All volunteers are responsible for following instructions and wearing PPE as instructed. “ACCEPT”ing the waive at the time of sign-up indicates your assumption of personal risk further releases Avenue, partner organizations and individual staff and other volunteers from any responsibility, obligation or liability for any loss, damage or injury to any person or property that arises in connection with volunteering.