Building Resilience in Our Communities

From theory to practice, Avenue works with the intention to strengthen the civic infrastructure of vulnerable communities, in order to increase the capacity of individuals and organizations to effect real change.

In our community building and engagement work, we honor the history and culture of the community, while working to reweave the social fabric frayed by economic hardship.


Avenue knows that an engaged community with connected institutions leads to better outcomes for families. Therefore, the first pillar of our approach is to develop a broad range of community partners, including schools, nonprofits, churches, civic clubs, local businesses. and others. By supporting new linkages between these groups, we can make a greater impact across sectors.


The second pillar of our approach focuses on individual residents. We strive to create opportunities for each resident to participate fully in public life, to believe that their voice matters, and to acquire skills that help them positively impact their own community.  Our leadership programs help residents learn about and practice project management, meeting facilitation, and effective communication, including conflict resolution and consensus building.

Shared Leadership

Our approach begins with community engagement and ends with shared leadership.  By building connections, confidence, and camaraderie, residents become increasingly effective at working together to achieve common goals and improved quality of life. 

We are proud of the impact we have made, side by side with resident leaders, to improve opportunities and well being in the neighborhoods we serve, and look forward to the work ahead.