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Stories of The Northside

Preserving & Celebrating History in Houston's Greater Northside

Our oral history project, Stories of the Northside, was created to preserve, celebrate, and share the life experiences of longstanding residents in the Greater Northside.

Since 2016, we have worked with community partners to document the stories of those who have lived in the community for generations, to celebrate their accomplishments, honor their experiences, and connect younger residents with the history of their neighborhood.

By connecting the past to the present, we gain greater perspectives on where we’ve been and where we’re going, and the important role each individual has to pay in the unfolding story of the Northside.

The interviews are conducted in collaboration with local high school students, University of Houston-Downtown, and the Houston Metropolitan Research Center, an archival branch of the Houston Public Library.

They are presented once a year at our Stories of the Northside community celebration and saved to the library’s Houston Area Digital Archives. Past Stories can be found here.