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Resident Supportive Services

Helping Residents Succeed

Avenue provides programming and services to residents of our multi-family housing complexes in order to provide them with the educational, financial, and vocational skills they need to be successful.  Our services are designed to encourage residents to pursue and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Resident supportive services are offered at the following Avenue properties:

All of these properties offer after-school/summer programming for youth, including:


  • Creative Corner – Students engage in art projects and activities, learning to work with different materials and techniques.
  • Crazy Science – Students connect with the principles of science by conducting a variety of fun experiments.
  • Fun Zone - Students learn through play, sharpening their critical thinking skills through board games and other activities, such as Jeopardy
  • Fun Fitness – Students are engaged in physical activities, ultimately increasing their health and fitness, while developing team building skills, sportsmanship and other social skills
  • Kit-Based Program, in partnership with the Children's Museum of Houston - Students use activity kits provided by the Museum to explore math, science, and culture. Participants also receive free family passes to the Children’s Museum of Houston.
  • Meal Program, in partnership with With Helping Hands – Children receive healthy, balanced, home-cooked meals, each containing protein, grains, vegetables, fruit, and milk.
All of these properties also offer programming to support adults and families, including:
  • Referrals to social services and resources
  • Rental assistance information for eviction prevention
  • Health Fairs
  • Community building events
  • Disaster recovery counseling

Additional programs offered at selected properties include:

Financial Capability Program (Avenue Terrace, Avenue Station, and Las Brisas)

Financial coaching is provided to residents to help them achieve their financial goals.  Participants are eligible to enroll in an Emergency Matched Savings program sponsored by NeighborWorks America and EARN.  The intent of this program is to help families build emergency savings - an important first step toward long-term financial sustainability.

Rent Reporting for Credit Building (Avenue Terrace, Avenue Station, and Washington Courtyards)

Reporting rental payments offers renters an opportunity to build credit as a financial asset. Benefits of Rent Reporting include building positive credit history without incurring any debt and an increased credit score by an average of 31 points. Participants in this program can improve their credit score by paying rent on time.

Little Free Library (Avenue Terrace and Las Brisas)

This free “take a book, leave a book” book exchange plays an essential role in supporting literacy by providing 24/7 access in a community where books can be a scarce commodity.

Resident Leadership Team (Avenue Station)

Residents are being engaged to create a leadership team following the same successful, collaborative model as the GO Neighborhoods Community Building and Engagement Teams.