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Northline Health Equity Plan

Planning for a Healthy Future

Resulting from a year of intensive collaboration, dialogue, and reflection, the Northline Health Equity Plan outlines the shared vision and plans of neighbors and community partners throughout the Northline area of Houston.  The planning process was funded by the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation and facilitated by Avenue based on our successful community engagement model used in the Near Northside since 2009.

The action plan published in 2017 outlines clear steps to transform education, economic development, family wealth, health, housing, infrastructure, parks, community amenities, and safety in Northline—and metrics to measure success over time.

In the coming months and years, Avenue will work side by side with Northliners to pursue the goals outlined in the plan, with a focus on these top ten:

  • Partner for safety with law enforcement agencies, the city, area businesses, and others to enhance safety in our neighborhood.
  • Create safe environments by making our neighborhood streets and places safe.
  • Seed new parks to create the spaces we need for gatherings and recreation.
  • Build a community center.
  • Build great streets, including improved sidewalks and pedestrian and bicycle amenities.
  • Expand opportunities for children, youth, and seniors by attracting new activities and programs specifically for them.
  • Build strong local schools, making them schools of choice with the resources they need to succeed.
  • Expand access to high-quality child care.
  • Improve student success by ensuring that students have the educational resources they need.
  • Build our future by developing or improving housing to meet the needs of new homeowners, seniors, and families.

We look forward to implementing this plan and will monitor progress as we go.  A comprehensive five-year evaluation is planned for 2022.