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Emergency Rental & Mortgage Assistance (ERMA) Program

As a recipient of the Greater Houston Community Foundation’s COVID-19 Funds, Avenue has implemented an Emergency Rental and Mortgage Assistance Program. This assistance program provides direct financial assistance to income-eligible renters and homeowners who have been economically affected by COVID-19.

Eligibility Guidelines

  1. Households whose income was below 80% of the average median income (AMI) in the Houston region before March 2020 (i.e. prior to the economic impact of COVID-19) (chart below)
  2. Must currently reside in the City of Houston
  3. Must have been current through their March 2020 Rent or Mortgage (first missed payment happened on or after April 1, 2020)
  4. Must be either:
    a. Renter at least one month behind on their rent
    b. Homeowner at least one month behind on their mortgage
    - Must not currently be under a Forbearance

Required Documentation from Applicants*

  1. Photo ID (any form)
  2. Two (2) months Income Documentation (Jan 17, 2020- March 17, 2020)
  3.  If Homeowner:
    a. Most recent Mortgage Statement
  4. If Renter:
    a. Current Rental Lease
    b. Bank Statements covering the months that the client missed their rent payments
*Applicants must submit all documentation electronically

If Eligible

  1. Applicant will receive one (1) month’s Mortgage or Rent Payment paid directly to the Mortgage Company or Landlord
  2. Maximum mortgage payment or rental payment amount will be $1,500 for any household


If you do meet all of these criteria, please send the following documents to :

  1. Complete Intake Form (attached here)
  2. Photo ID (any form, can be expired, does not have to be government issued)
  3. Pre-COVID-19 Income Documentation (for all adults in the home, pay stubs, SS, awards letters, etc)
    1. Covering January 17- March 17
  4. If you are a Homeowner:
    1. Most Recent Mortgage Statement (must not currently be in a forbearance)
  5. If you are a Renter:
    1. Copy of Rental Lease
    2. All Bank Statements covering the months that you missed your rent payments (all pages)
    3. Note: we will be reaching out to your landlord to certify missed payments and that your rent was in good standing for the month of March

Once we have received all required documentation, someone will contact you via email within 72 hours to inform you whether you meet all Eligibility Requirements.