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Affordable Housing Houston

Making Quality, Safe Housing Affordable in Houston

Avenue develops safe, quality housing accessible to low- and moderate-income families. We use green building techniques to create environments that are healthy and energy-efficient. We develop a range of housing options, for purchase and for rent, that support the sustainability of diverse and inclusive mixed-income communities.

We began developing affordable rental space in 2000 with the development of Washington Courtyards. Since then we have developed seven additional multi-family properties and over thirty single-family homes for rent, located throughout Houston's Northside and Washington Avenue areas. To learn more about these rental properties, see the Find Your Home page.

Avenue Villas was our first development of new-build single-family homes for purchase. Built in 2009 in the Near Northside at the intersection of Frawley and Cochran, these 22 three-bedroom homes were built with quality craftsmanship and energy efficient features to support affordability for the long-term.  While these were all sold shortly after completion, you can see them located just a few blocks from our current affordable subdivision under development, Avenue Place.

Whether rented or purchased, quality, affordable housing gives stability to all families – but especially to those struggling to make ends meet. A stable home provides a platform from which working families can build success for their careers, for their children’s education, and for their physical and mental health.

Avenue is committed to increasing the stock of quality affordable housing in Houston to help all families live independent, productive lives.