Creating Workspace for Houston Artists

Winter Street Studios

Under the vision of Avenue and local real estate developer Jon Deal, an old furniture factory scheduled for demolition became the home of 75 working studios for local artists.

Since 2005, Winter Street Studios has been one of the most exciting workspaces for Houston’s creative community. This rehabilitated 78,000 square foot facility inside the loop provides a unique, productive space where established and emerging artists work, show, and collaborate.  It is also the venue for Art on the Avenue, the largest silent art auction in Houston and Avenue’s annual fundraiser.

The establishment of Winter Street Studios marked the first step in revitalizing the industrial warehousing area now known as the Washington Avenue Arts District.  This creative campus consists of five re-purposed buildings including Spring Street Studios (another Avenue community revitalization project), Center Street Studios, Silver Street Studios, and the Silos at Sawyer Yards.  The Washington Avenue Arts District is now a state-recognized cultural district in Houston with one of the highest concentrations of working artists in the United States.

Avenue is proud of its investment in the arts community and views the arts as essential to Houston’s future as a vibrant, connected, inclusive city where all residents can thrive.