A Neighborly Spirit at Avenue

Over the past few weeks, a previously unknown tenant was spotted at Avenue Center. A recent review of our security video shows a misty white orb floating in the first floor lobby area during the overnight hours.

It hovers over the security guard’s chair and at times seems to be waiting for the elevator door to open before it disappears. Some staff members have tried to explain away the ghostly mist. They say “it’s just dust trapped in the camera lenses” or “it’s a bug flying around.” But, if you watch the video yourself it is not hard to imagine that it might be something more.

Avenue Center is located in the Houston’s Near Northside neighborhood which has a deep recorded history that began in the 1880s. Immigrants from Europe, primarily Italians, Germans, Poles, and Czechs, settled in the area, buying homes and starting families. It became a working-class neighborhood. After World War II, Hispanic immigrants, mostly of Mexican heritage, moved into the community and added their culture and traditions to the neighborhood. (source Wiki)

With such a rich history, it is almost expected that some of our former neighbors would still roam the streets and stop by the new building at the corner of Collingsworth and Irvington just to say hello and welcome.

* Story provided by Diane Jasso, Resident Spooky Specialist at Avenue

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