Responding to Winter Storm Uri

When Winter Storm Uri knocked out the water and power for households across the state of Texas, the community around Northline Elementary School was especially affected. The COVID-19 pandemic had already put a strain on resources for families struggling financially, and the effects of the storm only made it worse. Food was scarce when power outages wiped out food supplies at home and at grocery stores, and water was a hot commodity all across the city.

In collaboration with the school wraparound specialist, the Avenue community initiatives team planned a Food Distribution and Resource drive-through fair within a week. Our volunteers and community partners stepped up to help out and, in the end, more than two dozen volunteers showed up to help serve over 250 households.

Avenue distributed fresh food including eggs, milk, bread and meat; vegetables and canned items were provided by the Houston Food Bank, and bottles of water were donated by the Office of Harris County Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia. Kids’ Meals also distributed 100 children’s meals.

Anna Chuter is a community leader and Northline resident who has benefited from resource events and has also participated as a volunteer.

 “I want to thank Avenue for delivering food and resources for our Mission Zelma Street Food Pantry and at Northline Elementary down the street. With the donated goods, we were able to help ourselves and so many other families who needed a ray of hope after the devastation that was the February Winter Storm for our community. The storm caused a lot of damage in our neighborhood, with many families still dealing with the aftermath – some have not been able to work and were in desperate need for help. Thanks to Avenue, we were able to offer hope to families who were in desperate need. I genuinely think that organizations like Avenue are definitely a gift from God. Thank you for all you do for the Greater Northside.” - Anna Chuter

Many thanks to our partners who attended, volunteered, or provided additional resources:

  • The Office of State Representative Penny Morales Shaw
  • The Office of Councilwoman Karla Cisneros
  • The Office of Harris County Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia
  • Vecino Clinic
  • Summit Dental Clinic
  • HISD Wraparound Specialists from Janoswski Elementary, Fonville Middle School, and Patrick Henry Middle School
  • Houston Food Bank
  • Kids’ Meals
  • Trabajadoras del Hogar Sin Fronteras
  • Northline Walking Club
  • Santa Maria Hostel
  • Legacy Community Health

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