Finding Community at Avenue Station

Before finding Avenue Station, an affordable apartment community in Houston's Near Northside, Paola Martinez and her three children lived in cramped, substandard housing where they shared a single bedroom for more than a year. She did not feel safe in that area of town and worried about how their living situation would affect the well-being and health of her children, aged 6, 12, and 14 at the time.

Once they were able to move, she could rest easier knowing that her family was safe in their new community. She says that living at Avenue Station has changed everything. In addition to providing her children with room to grow and thrive, it has offered her a support system in the form of her apartment neighbors. Another mom at the complex takes all the kids to school so that Paola - a chef - can pick up extra shifts at work when needed. For families like Paola's, options for quality affordable rental homes can be extremely limited. She was determined to provide safe, healthy housing for her family and we were happy to bring Avenue Station to Near Northside so that Paola and others like her can be proud to call it home.

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