Safety Meeting at HCC brings Northline Community Together

On July 31st, residents, business owners, law enforcement representatives and community leaders met at the Houston Community College Northline Campus to discuss safety in the Northline Community. The discussion was led by a group of law enforcement representatives from Metro Police, HPD and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. Stella Mireles of Safe Walk Home served as a moderator for the discussion. Topics covered in the discussion included: safety and security on the light rail, minor criminal activity around Northline Commons, speeding, and noise violations in community parks.

Before the meeting started, community members mingled, enjoyed pizza, and settled into their seats in preparation for the discussion. The meeting opened with Sofia Font from Avenue and Vincent Nguyen from ABC Dental providing a brief introduction and setting the guidelines for the upcoming conversation. The room was buzzing with anticipation as attendees were getting ready to share their stories and voice their concerns.

Several business owners and managers from the nearby Northline Commons shared their worries regarding criminal activity at the Northline Commons plaza. HPD and the County representatives took note of the activity and provided additional information on how to deal with theft and loitering. Community members shared concerns about theft on the Metro line and learned about city rules around panhandling on sidewalks and at intersections.

Meetings like this help create a cooperative environment between community members and law enforcement officials which is a crucial aspect of creating a safe environment in the neighborhood. We are looking forward to hosting more of these meetings to address concerns, find solutions, and build trust between all community members in Northline.



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