Lindale Park Celebrates 20th Annual July 4th Parade

Avenue came out strong with a decorated car, Frisbees, and lots of smiles at Lindale Park’s 20th annual July 4th parade. Mary Lawler, Berenice Yu, board members, and other staff and friends of Avenue arrived early at the corner of Eleanor and Helmer’s on a humid Thursday morning to cover Mary’s car with colorful and eye-catching decorations. We covered the car in stickers, American flags and a large toy house on the roof to get our ride parade ready!

By 10:00 am the Avenue team was hydrated and ready to step off into the parade. Irvington Boulevard was brimming with community members waving small flags and cheering on the parade. Avenue’s car was filled with Frisbees which the Avenue team threw into the cheering crowd. Kids climbed trees to get a better view of the procession as adults lounged in lawn chairs along the boulevard. Neighbors whose homes faced the parade came out to catch goodies and celebrate the holiday with their fellow community members.

You could feel the excitement in the air as marching bands, lowriders, military vehicles and decorated cars made their way along Irvington underneath American flags. Hundreds of residents came together to celebrate patriotism and their neighborhood, and we’re so glad we could be together in community with the Northside. The dedication of community members to supporting one another and building a stronger Northside is what democracy is all about. Congratulations to the Lindale Park Civic Club for all of their hard work and for organizing a successful July 4th Parade for the last twenty years, and we look forward to celebrating for twenty more!

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