Participating Artist Information

/Participating Artist Information


Artist Statement: Friday, October 6, 2017

Artwork Information & Digital Photograph: Friday, October 6, 2017

Artwork Delivery: Saturday, November 4, 2017 – 9:00AM to 3:00PM – Winter Street Studios

Unsold Artwork Pickup: Sunday, November 12, 2017 – 11:00AM to 3:00PM

Dear Artist:

This page is to provide you with information and timeline related to Art on the Avenue, the silent auction fundraiser organized by Avenue Community Development Corporation and scheduled for November 11th. Please remember that you are one of around 250 participating Houston area artists and this event is organized by an all-volunteer committee so your efforts to honor the timeline set out are both appreciated and necessary. Thank you for helping Avenue CDC support it’s mission to revitalize our community by developing affordable housing and increasing economic opportunities, while preserving our area’s cultural, economic, and historic diversity.

Invitations – We will have a pdf format of the event invitation as well as a Facebook event online. The pdf file will be sent in early October to all artists who have provided an email address to us so you can forward it on to the contacts on your email list.

Artist Statement – Our bid sheets will include room for a one paragraph (approximately 100 words) artist statement. Potential buyers are more likely to bid on artwork if they feel a connection with the artist. This connection may develop from your past experiences, motivation, education, or any number of other sources. Use this opportunity to introduce yourself to the art patrons attending. If we have an artist statement on file for you from prior years we will be emailing that to you in a separate email. Feel free to update it or re-write it completely. Email submissions or corrections to Please provide this information to us no later than Friday, October 6th, preferably sooner.

Artwork Information – We ask you to contribute your best new artwork, ready to hang, with a professional presentation, in any medium. Submission Guidelines: If any dimension in your work is greater than 24 inches you may submit one piece of work for the auction. If no dimension is greater than 24 inches you may submit two pieces for the auction.

  • We are looking for your current work – nothing more than two years old and nothing that has been in our event in the past.
  • All work needs to be complete, dry, and ready to hang. Work that does not hang easily on hooks or nails, or sit on a pedestal, must include proper hanging hardware and instructions for hanging.
  • Works should have wire or other appropriate hanging hardware on the back side to facilitate efficient installation.

 In order to prepare bid sheets we will need some information about the artwork you will be submitting for the auction. We will need the following: title, media, dimensions, minimum bid price. We ask you to determine the minimum opening bid for your work. Then select, in advance, the percentage of the sale you would like to donate to Avenue CDC: 50%, 75%, or 100% of the final sale price. You may use the web form we provide to submit this information or send the artwork details by email to This information should be submitted no later than Friday, October 6th.

Pricing Example – Assume you set the minimum bid price at $100 and offered to give 50% to Avenue CDC. If the artwork sold for the minimum bid of $100 you would receive $50 and Avenue CDC would receive $50. If the price were bid up to $150 you would receive $75 and Avenue CDC would receive $75.

“Buy Now” price for each artwork to encourage motivated buyers to secure their purchases on the spot! Proceeds of “Buy Now” sales will be split by the same formula described above. “Buy Now” prices are typically 50% to 100% above the minimum bid, but Avenue CDC reserves the right to establish the “Buy Now” price.

All information about you and your work needs to be presented on our bid sheet. You will not be allowed to post ancillary information, business cards, etc. about your or the work at the event. We do include your website URL and a QR Code link to your site on the bid sheet so people can find out more about you that way.

Artwork Photographs – Our bid sheets include a small photograph of the work being auctioned. You will need to email a digital photograph of each piece submitted for the auction. It does not need to be a high resolution photo. A photo taken with your phone should work just fine. Please email the photo at the same time you submit your artwork information. Photos should be emailed to no later than Friday, October 6th. If you submit a photo for the web gallery we will use that photo for the bid sheet (see below). You don’t need to submit the photo twice.

Artwork Delivery – Artwork must be delivered to Winter Street Studios on Saturday, November 4th between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM. The studios are located at 2101 Winter Street, one block east of Sawyer Drive and directly behind the Mahatma/Success Rice Mill. Winter Street runs parallel to a set of railroad tracks and is between Washington Avenue and Interstate 10. Artwork must be of professional quality and presentation and must be ready to hang. If your artwork requires a hanger other than small nails or picture hooks you will need to provide the hangers with your work. A canvas stretched on a wood frame should have a wire hanger on the back to allow for efficient installation.  If you are unable to deliver the artwork personally during this time frame please make every effort to find someone else to deliver it for you. When you deliver, we will have a printed summary of the artwork information you provided to us in advance so you can review the information to confirm it is all correct.  IMPORTANT DEADLINE:  All artwork MUST be delivered by 3:30PM on Saturday, November 4th. We will be unable to accept work delivered after this time.

Unsold Artwork Pickup – Unsold works MUST be picked up on Sunday, November 12th between 11AM and 3PM. If you are not sure whether your artwork sold or if you need to pick it up please call Mark at 713-256-7146 during this time. We need to remove artwork in order for Winter Street to begin setting up for a different event so it is VITAL that you arrange to have unsold works picked up on Sunday, November 12th. (Any work unclaimed after 30 days will become the property of Avenue CDC.)

Web Gallery – Avenue CDC is working with our webmaster to develop a web page showcasing artworks that will be hung in the show, allowing patrons an opportunity to preview some of the pieces and generate interest in the event. You may submit a digital photograph of the works you intend to submit for the auction. Photos may be in a GIF or JPEG format and each photo should be 500 pixels wide and 72dpi. The file name should include the artist name and artwork title. Please also provide the media, dimensions, and minimum bid for each piece. We plan to have this web page operational by mid September. The page will be updated with more photos as they arrive. The earlier you get these photos to us the better. We reserve the right to limit the total number of artworks included in the online preview. Note that these pieces will not be available for auction on the website. Buyers must attend the event to place their bids. All photos must be digital and should be emailed to This photo will also be used on the bid sheet for your work.

Artist Attendance – All participating artists are encouraged to attend and will be admitted to the event at no charge.  Guests attending with you would be expected to buy an admission ticket.

Thank you for joining us to celebrate 25 years of Avenue CDC providing quality, safe, affordable housing in our community.

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