Make your appointment at Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation

/Make your appointment at Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation


To start the application process for NeighborhoodLIFT down payment assistance, you will need to make an appointment to assess your eligibility for the program. Please read and follow the instructions below.

      1. Get StartedSign up online at PENDING, will be launched 4/15/13. Appointments are only available online and on a first-come, first-served basis. Appointment slots are limited to funds available.  Since you obtained your homebuyer education certificate from Fifth Ward CRC, you must select them for your eligibility appointment. You must choose Fifth Ward CRC once you click on the appointment link.   NOTE:  Appointments CANNOT be made by phone.
      2. The number of available appointments matches the currently available funds.  Once these appointments are filled, the only open appointments will come as the result of a cancellation.  No waiting list will be kept—buyers should check the registration site frequently for any new availability.
      3. Submit the three (3) required documents below within 24 hours of making your appointment. Documents must be submitted to PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR LAST NAME IN THE SUBJECT LINE OF THE EMAIL. Failure to submit these documents within 24 hours or incomplete documents will automatically cancel your appointment. You will need to be able to submit electronic copies of your documents:
        1. Mortgage Preapproval from a NeighborhoodLIFT Approved Lender
        2. Signed sales contract, 1st, 2nd and signature page  executed (signed by all  parties)
        3. Homebuyer Education Certificate from Fifth Ward CRC

        Your lender or real estate professional may be able to assist you with submitting these documents online.

      4. Fifth Ward CRC will confirm scheduled appointment requests within 48 business hours from receipt of all documents.  You will receive an email accepting the scheduled date and time—the email will state that your “appointment was accepted”. This is NOT a confirmation of your eligibility for the program.
      5. If you fail to submit all required documents within 24 hours or if you make an appointment with the wrong agency, your appointment request will be cancelled.  If you submit only partial documentation or you received your homebuyer education certificate from Fifth Ward CRC but made your appointment with Tejano or Avenue CDC, your appointment request will be cancelled.  You will receive an email letting you know your appointment request was cancelled.
      6. Attend your appointment to confirm eligibility with the necessary documents in hand. If you do not bring the required documents to your appointment or you fail to show up for your appointment, your appointment will be cancelled and you will be required to schedule a new appointment if/when appointments become available.
      7. You will receive a NeighborhoodLIFT Eligibility Letter if you meet the eligibility requirements and your required documentation is confirmed.
      8. Your lender must submit all required documents to Avenue CDC (NOT FIFTH WARD CRC) no less than seven (7) days prior to your closing date.

For more information, please see our FAQ page.

Required Income Documents for Eligibility Determination Meeting

The following documentation is required for each employed household member age 18 and older.

Please bring all applicable documents with you to your Eligibility Determination appointment. Failure to bring all required documents with you to your appointment will result in your appointment being cancelled and you will have to start the process over again if/ when appointments become available.

  • Preapproval letter
  • Full purchase and sales agreement
  • 60 days’ pay stubs with year to date information for all jobs worked by each household member age 18 and older
  • Proof of any and all other income received by each household member age 18 and older, such as Social Security Award letter, retirement pension, proof of unemployment income, death or disability payments, divorce/court decree for alimony and/or child support, etc.
  • Recent 2 months of personal and business bank statements
  • Federal tax returns for the past two years (1040s)
  • W-2s for the past two years
  • Current Profit and Loss Statement for self-employed individuals
  • Proof of full time student status, for individuals age 18 and older who receive income but also attend school full time (statement from school/institution with dates of attendance or specific reference to upcoming school term, and confirmation of full time status)

Be sure to arrive at the location where your appointment is scheduled. Below is the address for Fifth Ward CRC.

Fifth Ward CRC
4300 Lyons Ave, Suite 300
Houston, TX 77020
Phone: 713-490-1640

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