Education & Counseling for Established Homeowners

Proactively maintain your home as a valuable asset for your long-term financial stability through Avenue’s Post-Purchase Workshops and Individualized Homeowner’s Counseling appointments.

What You’ll Do in the Post-Purchase Workshops:

  • Prepare for property tax protest.
  • Learn about essential home maintenance and repairs.
  • Learn design tips that improve safety around the home.
  • Learn tips for energy efficiency that will help you cut costs.
  • Learn about the importance of civic engagement in your community.
  • Apply for your Homestead/Senior/Disability Exemption.

What You’ll Do in the Individualized Homeowner’s Counseling:

  • Get advice on how to protest property taxes.
  • Evaluate if now is the right time to refinance.
  • Discuss questions that pertain to your particular situation.
  • Develop an Action Plan to guide you with your next steps.

Facing Foreclosure?

Have you fallen behind on your mortgage?  If you need guidance to learn about your options, to find resources that may help you, and/or to negotiate with your lender, call the HomeOwnership Center to find out if you are eligible for Foreclosure Prevention Counseling.  If you don’t qualify, we can direct you to other community resources or to an online self-help portal for more guidance.

Avenue HomeOwnership Center: 713-864-9099